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Sporting a sound more in line with the depths of a murky swamp than their Chicago brethren, area quartet Marmora are turning heads as well as banging them. Their dirty, howling guitars, crushing bass, and commanding drums recall the stoner rock of yesteryear, while layering on chaotic solos with an undeniable energy. Having honed their chops since 2001, Marmora is a tight-knit family affair that was started by brothers Alex, Ulysses, and Zaid Salazar. 

Released - 4/20/2013

Recorded at the Bricktop Recording in Chicago IL with Pete Grossman. This 2 track single was limitedly released on 100 seven inch records. Side 1, You Fucking Bitch, demonstrates their ability to pay tribute to their musical influences. While side A, Chelas in the Morning, is a homage to their favorite drink: Chelas.

Chelas in the Morning

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