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Encyclopedia Brown


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The busiest man in show business, Brown can be found all over the Chicago landscape flexing his mastery of words with sharp lyricism or getting a crowd to move while spinning grooves as a dj. Known to rock a mic anytime or anywhere, this man fully embodies what it means to be a hip hop MC.

Encyclopedia Brown exploded on the scene and created a name for himself standing shoulder to shoulder with other lyricists in the Giraffe Nuts ensemble. He's since then has worked with several prolific figures in the game and has stood out every single time.


His latest endeavor is a certified banger. With Brown on the raps and Kenny Keys on the beats, this combo can't miss. The UHssentials are essential for any fan of hip hop music.


E. Brown and Kenny Keys are The Uhssentials

Mixed and mastered by Alejandro "Jaz" Jasso at Muddy Water Soundbanks. Features Kenny Keys on production and Encyclopedia Brown on vocals exclusively. 10 tracks long of raw pure hip hop.

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