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Clew Rock

Clew Rock is a tested Chicago MC that prides himself on sharp lyricism and the ability to convey detailed pictures of street life from his upbringing in the Humboldt Park and Hermosa areas. From the legendary Molemen crew to Rhymefest, Clew has worked with some of the best Chicago has to offer. He made noise with a series of guest appearances and one-off tracks on mixtapes before dropping a couple of full length projects. His last album, Breath of Life, shook up the independent circuit and answered any question of who was one to watch. After connecting with the Prime fronted crew Middle Ground, Clew Rock even further solidified his status as a dynamic and talented wordsmith.

The truth sometimes isn't pretty. It can be hard to hear, speak or see. This isn't the case for Clew Rock as he attacks your senses and paints vivid lyrical imagery with Ugly Truth. This is the first delivery of medication from Clew Rock and Custom Made's new project titled Dopestetic. Music from this Chicago duo bleeds chemistry and style while delivering authentic street poetry. You don't want to miss this one.


Also featured on DJ Sean Doe's upcoming mixtape Machine Wash Presents Laundry Day Volume 1.


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