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Gas Station Sushi

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Gas Station Sushi album cover
Gas Station Sushi album back

Tone Liv & Decay, the Llama | Gas Station Sushi


Feat. Dibia$e, Fluent, Low key, Tranzformer, Aurc, flo[rez], Defcee and Miilkbone

Tone Liv ::

Decay, the Llama ::



This record is the coming together of legendary crew Green Llama Movement under Tone Liv and Decay, the Llama’s direction. Green Llama is a multifaceted collective of artists working together to create art. Tone Liv and Decay are from New Jersey and Chicago, respectively. They last collaborated on Decay’s last album 2017’s Acid Blue and Other Demons. Dibia$e produced the stand out track Round and Round that featured the 2 MCs undeniable chemistry. 


When it came time to work on a project combining their talents, Tone Liv & Decay included Dibia$e in the process of creating Gas Station Sushi. Dibia$e provides the majority of production on the record and is joined by fellow Green Llama producers Fluent and Low Key. Tranzformer, flo[rez] and Aurc also add their production to the mix. Tone Liv and Decay share MC duties with Defcee on the track Deathsport and the legendary Miilkbone of Keep it Real fame on the album closer, Beware. 


  • 12” black vinyl limited to 200 copies

  • Limited CD includes instrumentals

  • Release date: August 16, 2019


Machine Wash Music

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